About Us

SHAPE is a coalition of 20 Ontario community legal clinics providing free public legal education and legal advice to prevent and address workplace sexual harassment.  We are staffed by lawyers and paralegals.

We provide public legal education to all stakeholders, including workers and employers. 

We will provide legal advice to any worker in Ontario regardless of income or location.  

We are trying to reach workers who may not know their rights, including:

  • Precarious workers
  • Young workers
  • Newcomers and racialized workers
  • Women working in male-dominated workplaces
  • Vulnerable workers
  • Indigenous workers
  • Those who identify as 2SLGBTQ+
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Low-income workers

Our Goals

  • Increase awareness about sexual harassment in Ontario workplaces 
  • Reduce and eliminate workplace sexual harassment through education and advocacy
  • Educate workers and employers on their rights and responsibilities
  • Support workers with free summary legal advice, cross-referrals and support
  • Provide employers with resources to comply with legal requirements
  • Reach workers who may not know their rights

This website is for general information purposes only.  Please contact your local legal clinic for advice about your situation

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